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Get Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit
27 Sep 2018

The Simplest Way to Get Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit

If you have an awful credit score you may not have even considered the possibility of getting loans or other types of credit, but laying your hands on credit cards for people with bad credit is not as difficult as you may think. The main thing to note is that the card providers will always check your credit record when you apply to them. However, just because you have missed payments before, have county court judgements (CCJs) against you or if you do not have steady employment, It doesn’t mean they will immediately discount you.

Yes, it is true that the criteria that some companies use may well exclude you, but here at Bonsai Finance we have a close working relationship with a number of respected financial institutions and credit card companies that will consider you even if your score is very low.

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Applying for many different credit cards can make a bad score even worse so that it can be even harder to get an acceptance for a credit card in the future. That is why applying through our simple application form can help you, as we can match you to the most appropriate lender without affecting your record because of rejections.

Once you have been accepted by the credit card company and have a credit card in your possession, you must make sure you treat it carefully in order to improve your credit score. As time goes by your score will improve anyway because the older a transgression is on your credit report, the less effect it has on the overall rating. However, you can help it along by always meeting your repayment responsibilities on time and not going over your credit card limit.

Reasons to Get a Credit Card Even If You Have Bad Credit

Improving your credit score is a great reason for getting one of these credit cards. You can check your current credit report and score at any one of the credit agencies in the UK like Equifax. Be aware that after the free 30-day trial finishes they begin to charge you monthly so cancel before then if you don’t want to pay.

Once you have your score and prior knowledge about what caused it in the first place, you are better placed to improve it. The best way to do this is to pay off your balance in full every month and stay within your limit. When you have accomplished this for a period of six months to a year, you will have a better credit score and may well be able to get accepted for a credit card with more competitive interest rates and other benefits.

How to Apply for Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit

It couldn’t be simpler here at Bonsai Finance to apply for credit cards for people with bad credit. As long as you are at least 18 years old you can apply using our very easy-to-use application forms. There will be some restrictions put on the application by some card companies, but they are all different and you may still qualify for some of them. Just because you are unemployed, haven’t had credit before or have a really bad credit score, get in contact with us today and we can help you proceed.

Our business is matching people with the right lenders and credit card companies whatever their circumstances, so try us for size and see how we can help. The sooner you start trying to improve your credit score, the sooner your financial future will be guaranteed.