Money transfer credit cards

Do you need access to credit and want to transfer money straight into your current account? If so, check out a money transfer credit card with our help as we work with lenders who specialise in this type of credit card.

What Is Credit Card Transfer?

Money transfer credit cardsA money credit card transfer card is different from the typical credit cards on offer in that you can transfer money from the card straight into your bank account. When transferring money the provider typically asks for a money transfer fee. However, it is possible for lenders to give you 0% interest on the balance that is outstanding over an agreed period.

Once you have transferred the money into your bank account, you are free to use that money as though it is your own. A cash transfer credit card may be a great choice if you need to get money in your bank fast, but you do not want to apply for a loan.

The Benefits of 0 Credit Card Transfer

A credit card transfer card comes with numerous benefits and more so if you manage to get a 0% deal on the card for a period. The card comes in extremely useful in any situation where you might need quick access to cash in your bank account, for instance:

  • Your bank account has gone into overdraft and the bank will charge you overdraft fees, which can be expensive;
  • You might have outstanding debt and you wish to pay this off as you have 0% on your credit card for transfers;
  • You have direct debits going out but not enough cash in the bank account. Just transfer money from the credit card into the account;
  • You need to get your hands on cash fast for an emergency and you do not want to apply and wait for approval for a loan.

In any of the above cases, a 0 credit card transfer may save you money providing you repay the credit card balance before the end of the interest-free period, even if you have to pay a one-off fee.

Points about the Cash Transfer Credit Card to Bear in Mind

A cash transfer credit card may be a suitable option for you and it may help you to save money while overcoming certain situations. However, there are some points to bear in mind before deciding to apply for this type of credit card. They are:

  • Cards offering cash generally come with a transfer fee of around 4% of the amount of money you wish to transfer. Therefore ensure you check the percentage with the lenders you are considering;
  • If you need to withdraw the money as opposed to transferring it into your bank account there may be a charge for the transaction;
  • Not all lenders offer a 0% deal and those that do will vary for the period without interest. Check this out when applying;
  • The best deals from lenders are reserved for those with perfect credit ratings.

Comparing Money Transfer Credit Cards

Finding and comparing any type of credit card is never the easiest of tasks, more so when looking for a credit card to transfer cash to your bank with 0% interest. Comparing by yourself can lead to confusion and you might not necessarily be able to access lenders offering the most suitable deal for your circumstance.

Thankfully, there is an easier way to find lenders along with comparing the deals on offer. Allowing us to help you find lenders to compare comes with many benefits, including saving you time and effort, comparing for the lowest rate of interest and the longest interest-free period.

We work with lenders offering highly competitive rates for money transfer credit cards allowing you to transfer cash to your bank account and pride ourselves on being able to offer you access to many credit card lenders who offer a simple application process.