Loans no credit

As globalization takes a sharp turn against recessions and economic crisis, we too face the effects of it domestically. The result is a deadly collaboration in between poor financial management and inability to withstand the fiscal demand resulting in a Bad credit score. In a time like this comes the no credit loans facility.

We at Bonsai Finance would like to stand with you to battle against the constant scrutiny of lenders and financial Institutions to overcome the barriers to obtaining a no credit loan.

Why choose Bonsai Finance?

We are a global brand which bridges the gap in between you and the lender with competitive and low rate loans which doesn’t require a credit report. Our network provides us the “Know how” to venture into terrain which you never had the access to. We partner with countless financial entities who would be more than happy to lend you a hand with your Bad credit and bail you out when you need it the most. May it be the short term loans or quick loans facility, we will go the extra mile to find out the best alternative for your no credit loans.

No credit loans and how they work

No credit check loansBefore applying for a loan or credit card you will be cross-checked with your history of financial transactions and the good and bad deeds from the pattern how you managed your finances. This is called a credit check, and each person is assigned a credit score based on their individual performance. So, if you fall short of a good credit score you will be stormed with refusals from all corners. Exactly to counter this issue came the no credit loan facility, where a handful of lenders are ready to omit your credit check when lending money. As they require a strict application process and many financial brokers exploit this exact market, we at Bonsai Finance are proud to be a reputed financial partner with transparent and ethical business policies who strive to provide the most feasible solutions to you without hidden conditions none like most other financial partners.

Who can apply for a no credit loan?

You have to be at least 18 years old, a resident of UK, own a bank account in the UK and finally a stable job.

Characteristics of no credit loans

As Birds of a feather flock together, the majority of money lenders are looking to rip you off when you request a loan with Bad credit history. This is the exact reason why Bonsai Finance came into existence because we utilize our expertise to filter out bogus lenders and connect you only the credible lenders.

No credit loans instant decision

You do need to remember that most lenders charge a higher than normal interest rate to compensate the extra risk they take when they loan you. The good side of no credit loans instant decision process is that you will be notified within minutes if you would be offered a loan or not.

Adding to the excitement is that, this information will in no way harm your already bad credit score. You do not need to fill out too many forms as you do in banks, you simply apply only with Bonsai Finance and we direct your query towards the right lender.

Hassle free quick loans no credit or short term loans no credit

You may apply for short term loans route or quick loans option, the No credit loans instant decision process is a stress free mechanism. You will be asked for a handful of alternative personal information due to the financial money laundering act of the United Kingdom. But the online application will not leave a credit footprint or neither will it take hours of your life. Just a few minutes and you are ready. The rest we do on your behalf and find you the best partner to excel economically.