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Find Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards for Bad Credit
30 Sep 2018

How to Find Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards for Bad Credit

You may think it is impossible to get guaranteed approval credit cards for bad credit, but there are ways you can be accepted for these types of cards and Bonsai Finance can help you find them really easily. When you have bad credit, whether it is because of county court judgements (CCJs), missing previous payments or simply being late to pay off your loans, it can seem a long road back. There are ways, however, of being able to be accepted for one of these cards and improving your credit score again.

How to Improve Your Bad Credit Score

Having a bad credit score is usually down to being in an unfortunate position and being forced to default on previous payments, being late paying back monies owed or even simply not having taken out a loan before. Because financial institutions like to be sure they are lending their money to someone who is responsible and can pay them back, they check out applicants’ credit history to get a feel for how they have coped in the past.

If you have had issues before, or have never asked for credit, the simplest way to prove you can be seen in a positive light is to take out credit and pay back all the repayments correctly and on time. If this is done, then you can slowly increase your credit score so that companies will treat you favourably.

What to Do First

In the first instance, you should check your credit score at one of the main credit report agencies like Experian. Luckily, negative points that affect your credit score actually get less important as time goes on, so you could just wait until they no longer have any impact on your record.

If you would like to take more positive action, however, you can take out new credit. The key is that you must consistently meet the repayments in full and on time which results in a situation that will automatically improve your credit score.

Most people worry that they won’t be able to take out any new credit at all because they have a bad score and it invariably seems like a vicious circle. But that is where Bonsai Finance comes in, as we have many connections to renowned financial institutions in the UK that can help you. Simply applying using our really easy application form can start off the beginning of your new rosy financial future, as we can put you in touch with just the right loan or credit card company to help you out.

Will You Get Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards for Bad Credit?

It is absolutely possible to get guaranteed approval credit cards for bad credit, but be aware that the ‘guaranteed approval’ part still makes you subject to some requirements. Luckily, these are usually extremely minimal, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for most people to qualify.

The main sticking points are usually the need to have a UK bank account that you pay your salary into. If you have this you shouldn’t have a problem finding one of our partners that will be delighted to enter into an agreement with you. Because we have many years of experience in this industry, and have close connections with respected financial institutions, we are sure to find the perfect guaranteed approval credit cards to suit you.

You never know, your credit score may not be as bad as you think. You may even be classed as just having a poor credit score which will give you many more options, but either way just filling in our application form will see you well on the way to that new and improved financial standing.