Cookies policy

Cookies help us protect your account’s security, and allow us to personalize your experience with Bonsai Finance.

We, and third parties with whom we partner, may use cookies, web beacons and similar technology (“Cookies”) to improve your user experience and the overall quality of our service. Cookies are small data files that may have unique identifiers, and reside, among other places, on your computer or mobile device, in emails we send to you, and on our web pages. Cookies may transmit information about you and your use of the Bonsai Finance website, such as your browser type, preferences, data relating to advertisements that have been displayed to you or that you have clicked on, and the date and time of your use.

Cookies also help us protect your account’s security. Cookies may be stored only during an individual session (“Session ID cookies”) or have long-term expiration dates (“persistent cookies”). Session ID cookies follow your activities on our site so that we can ensure that no one is making changes to your profile or requesting loans, and expire when you close your browser.


The following is a list of the types of cookies that Earnest and its third-party partners use:

  • PROCESSES. These Cookies make the Bonsai Finance website work in the way you expect it to.
  • AUTHENTICATION, SECURITY, AND COMPLIANCE. We use these to prevent fraud, protect your data from unauthorized parties, and comply with legal requirements.
  • PREFERENCES. These Cookies help the Bonsai Finance website remember information about how you prefer the site to behave and look.
  • NOTIFICATIONS. We use these Cookies to give us notice of information or options that we think could improve your use of the Bonsai Finance website.
  • ADVERTISING. These Cookies make advertising more relevant to you and more valuable to advertisers.
  • ANALYTICS. These Cookies help us understand how visitors use the Bonsai Finance website.


It may be possible to disable some Cookies through your device or browser settings, but doing so may affect your ability to use the Site. The method for disabling cookies may vary by device and browser, but can usually be found in preferences or security settings.